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Common Clay Bricks with Different Sizes in Malaysia

Brickdotcom is a reputable and established company that has been a leading seller of building material suppliers in Malaysia for over half a century. We understand the benefits that clay bricks offer and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our range of clay bricks is not only budget-friendly but also incredibly durable, making them a popular choice for construction projects. What sets clay bricks apart from other building materials is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We offer an extensive range of standard and custom sizes for clay bricks in Malaysia to suit the needs of any project, and our variety of design and construction alternatives makes selecting the right brick easy. At Brickdotcom, we take pride in stocking only the best quality clay bricks of all sizes and other building materials. If you are interested in receiving a free quote or learning more about our red clay bricks

Advantages of Clay Bricks: About

Advantage of Clay Bricks

Advantages of Clay Bricks: Text


Clay bricks are very dense materials offering very strong walls and structure to any building. The vitrified clay can achieve immense strength to withstand the forces of nature, water and tear, chemical and break in.



The life span of clay bricks is at least 500 years. That means it is one of the most durable building materials made by man. Buildings made with clay bricks basically will last for generations. This will make properties built with clay bricks to command better value. This durability also makes clay bricks environmentally friendly as the building structure remains physically sound and be used again.



Clay bricks are fired to a temperature over, degree Celsius to verify the clay. It is this high temperature that clay is “baked” at to make it a very strong and inert building material. This will make your homes and buildings safer and stronger for centuries to come.


Thermal Insulation

Clay bricks are one of the few rare build materials that “breath”. It will keep the heat out during the day so the homes remain cool. Any heat on the surface of the bricks is quickly dissipated. It has been proven that houses built with clay bricks are generally cooler and more comfortable to live in.



A structure that uses exposed clay brick surfaces need not be painted for the rest of its life. It can be easily cleaned with water and will look completely new like the day it was first laid or it can be left to mature to make the building look rustic.



Clay bricks are made from one of the most abundant materials on earth. No chemicals are added during its manufacturing other than those that already exist in the clay. The firing (baking) of the clay bricks is usually done with waster materials such as sawdust, palm kernel shells and pet coke. Clay bricks can both be reused again and again making them very environmentally friendly.


Chemical Free

Clay bricks are manufactured using only clay, thus making them non-toxic. No chemicals are added during its manufacturing and all organic materials are eliminated completely during the firing process. That is why ceramic cups, mugs, plates and other eating utensils are made with clay. They are chemically inert.


Acoustic Insulation

Clay bricks offer superior sound insulation due to their density compared to other materials of the same thickness. This will provide residences and buildings with a quieter ambience to live and work in.



Clay bricks are naturally beautiful. Their colour is pleasing to the eyes and they come in various earthy tones ranging from creamy white, orangey, and rustic red to dark brown colours. The brick's colours are steadfast and will never fade or change as it is coils are homogeneous throughout the entire body of the brick.

Advantages of Clay Bricks: Features

Strength and Specification of Clay Bricks

Advantages of Clay Bricks: Text


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The minimum strength is 7kN/m2 for non-structural bricks (non-load bearing).


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Clay is a natural product, therefore the bricks manufactured from them will have a minor variation in size during its manufacturing process.

Advantages of Clay Bricks: Features
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