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Clay Brick Supplier with The Best Clay Brick Price in Malaysia!

Building materials provided by nature

Brick Dotcom is glad to serve as your go-to resource for all types of building materials in Malaysia, especially clay brick. Since the 2000s, we have been a reliable supplier in the building sector. Our broad variety of clay bricks includes Fair Face bricks, which are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. As the leading supplier of clay bricks in Malaysia, we understand how important it is to choose the right bricks for your building. We produce quality product to meet your requirements. Our assortment of construction materials is able fit the requirements of a variety of projects, and we are dedicated to offering superior customer service and high-quality goods to accommodate your demand. 

We are always providing high quality of clay brick in Malaysia. Your satisfaction is our concern, which is why we strive to provide you the highest quality service at all times. Contact us right now to discuss your next course of action and see how we can assist you.

Why Clay Bricks: About


Clay building materials can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used for walls, façades and roofs as well as for gardens, terraces and open spaces. Clay tiles and bricks can be used almost anywhere and for all architectural styles, whether for the construction of single-family houses or apartment blocks, office or public buildings.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome

strong & safe

Clay bricks are permanent. They are weather and age proof. Bricks don’t get tired like other man-made materials. They won’t twist or warp, rot or decay, erode or dent. They are resistant to the extremes of all climate and being non-combustible, they don’t assist the spread of fire.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome


Clay bricks and tiles are aesthetic and versatile. Thanks to a wide range of available colours, shapes and surfaces, the number of possible designs and variations are almost unlimited. The colour spectrum ranges from super white to classic red to coal-black. Available variants include rough, smooth and glazed surfaces, elongated and wide formats. Roof tiles and facing bricks as well as pavers can be perfectly coordinated with one another.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome

low maintenance

Clay bricks require virtually no upkeep or repairs, avoiding ongoing costs. Unlike other products, the colour of clay bricks is baked into the product so it lasts for a lifetime.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome

stable in value

stable in value Even after many years, buildings made of clay building materials retain their value - or it even increases. Owing to their durability, stability and special living quality, brick buildings and apartments are in great demand and achieve high resale values.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome


Clay blocks, facing bricks and clay roof tiles, as well as pavers, are particularly sustainable and natural building materials because they consist of the natural raw materials clay and water. Bricks and tiles are absolutely free of pollutants and allergens and thus especially compatible with humans and nature.

Why Clay Bricks: Welcome


To be sustainable a design must consider more than just environmental impacts.
It balances environmental, economic and societal goals.
It is more than just a certification from a rating system.

Brick is made from abundant natural resources (clay and shale) and is readily recycled for use in the manufacturing process or other uses. Brick manufacturers address sustainability by locating plants in close proximity to mines; incorporating waste products and recycled materials into brick; reducing energy use, water use and atmospheric emissions; and utilizing landfill gas and other wastes for fuel. Brickwork used in sustainable designs can provide structure, finish, acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, good indoor air quality, fire resistance, impact resistance and durability, all in one product. Brickwork can help meet requirements of many certification rating systems in the areas of development density, storm water management, heat island effect, improved energy performance, building reuse, construction waste management, materials reuse, recycled content and regional materials. Brickwork can contribute to improved indoor air quality by eliminating the need for paints and the resulting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and by eliminating a food source for mold.

Why Clay Bricks: About
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